evening networking opportunity

Check back with us in the new year for an exciting line up of networking events!

want to become a host location?

host location benefits

Hosting a networking event is an wonderful and effective marketing opportunity that drives UBA members and non-members through your door.  For the entire month leading up to the event, the UBA promotes the event and the host location via many means of marketing such as social media, online marketing, radio, website, flyers, and much more!  As a matter of fact, the sooner you become a host location, the sooner you will be listed on the website as an upcoming host location and listed on the events calendar. So, what are you waiting for?! Contact us today!

requirements of the host location

·         Must be an UBA member.

·         All membership dues must be paid in full at the time you agree to become a host location.

·         FEES:  The host location is not required to pay any fees for the privilege of hosting a Business & Breakfast or           Biz Bash networking event.

·         Must be able to provide space for up to 100 guests.

·         Must provide complimentary food and beverage for up to 100 guests.

o   Business and Breakfast events require light breakfast options such as pastries, bagels, fruit, coffee, juice and water.  This is the minimum requirement but if the host location would like to provide a more substantial breakfast, then the UBA would welcome that option as well!

o   Biz Bash events require appetizers and alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage options.