World’s Shortest
St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Corny and Rewind.jpg

We had the best time bringing the Official back to St. Patrick's Day with Rewind 92.5 and Heel to Toe

A special thank you to those who participated in our shenanigans - SipYard for hosting the PopUp Party, Riggs for providing a Dark, Chocolaty, Roasty and Smooth Nitro Porter, Urbana Fire Department, some of the Marching Illini, the City of Urbana's Public Works Department's dump truck, Market at the Square Veggies and the City of Urbana Squad Car! 

Join us next year for another “World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade”.  Check out the parade route below. It’s in green. (And yes, it’s just over 1 block long)